District Eatery


District Eatery
303 King St. W
Toronto, ON., M5v 1J5
(416) 979-9799

District Eatery

Located in the heart of the Toronto’s trendy Entertainment District at King and John, District Eatery is re-inventing bar food with healthy and even vegan options so that you can spend your calories drinking! District Eatery’s menu has a very strong
focus on fresh and healthy.  Being passionate about clean eating, they specialize in healthy tapas style menu using locally-sourced and natural ingredients, while still allowing patrons to indulge in their cravings with great tastes and flavours.

Inside, the build out is very trendy and fun. A mix of dining tables, bar tops and lounge seating with local art scattered throughout and TV screens framed with living plant walls. A stylish and rustic venue offers a shareable menu and artisan cocktails at affordable prices promoting a fun and social environment.

At District the food is on the lighter side, but the cocktail program goes hard. The rumours about District Eatery are true; all the syrups & flavours used in our cocktails & sodas are handcrafted in house with no artificial additives or ingredients.  At the bar District also offers the unique in house made alcoholic power teas; a 300-year-old traditional recipe with a modern twist.  The process to make power teas process takes 36 HOURS to create each tea, that is packed full of proteins, vitamins & minerals with all natural flavours. They also have a great lineup of Toronto craft beers on tap.